Sunday, May 19, 2019

Lean consulting and manufacturing

You’ve probably already heard about  lean manufacturing. But what’s lean precisely have to do with? In a few words, it’s a production process that considers using resources for anything else than creating value for the end user to be wasteful and so to be the object of elimination. The goal of lean production is then delivering a good service or product while using less resources. It’s a quite complex issue, and that’s why lean consulting can be a large help for companies.
There are several approaches to lean management and lean consulting. Many see it as a collection of practices which help in decreasing the amount of waste in production. Other managers view lean as being an effort to maintain a steady flow in production removing “mura” (bumps). The second approach was intensively used by Toyota. The main goal in both these approaches is basically identical though the method of achieving it is somewhat distinct.



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